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Shower curtain / Shower Curtain: Cow Goddess / The Godess Cow


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    **English will follow**
    This shower curtain presents an original work of incredible style to transform your bathroom at a low price. Made of strong and durable polyester, it will stay like new for many years.
    This design: "Goddess-Cow" is a unique and exclusive work that will protect your family and promote abundance in difficult times.
    Note that even though polyester fabric is waterproof, you may want to add an interior lining to block water 100%.
    - Materials: 100% polyester
    -Printed on one side only
    - Hooks not included
    - Note that the dimension may vary up to +/- 2" due to the manufacturing process
    - Artist: Nathalie Saindon, The Canadian Lumberjack

    This shower curtain is here to add an original touch to any bathroom with a little budget. Made with highly durable polyester, this curtain stays like new for a long time to come and is a perfect printing area for your art.
    This design: "Déesse-Cow" (The Goddess Cow) is a unique and exclusive piece of art that will bring an incredible style to your bathroom. She might protect and bring abundance to your family.
    NB! Please note that while polyester offers adequate protection against water, a liner might be necessary for full waterproofness.
    .: 100% Polyester
    .: One-sided print
    .: Hooks not included
    .: Note: Pre-built item. Size variance +/- 2"
    .: Artist: Nathalie Saindon, The Canadian Lumber Woman