Décor intérieur

Wood engraving / Wood Engraving. Design: "Aish-Cat"-Norwegian


  • Details
    Unique creation laser engraved on a slice of natural birch with bark. It is then varnished to stand the test of time. A frame anchor on the back allows you to hang it securely on the wall.
    This cat: “Aish-Chat” is attentive and compassionate. He makes your worries and suffering disappear with his empathetic gaze.
    - Natural birch slice
    - Water-based varnish
    - Indoor use only
    - Collection: Cats Mandalas

    This unique piece of art will make your interior design very special and cozy. This is a natural birch slice with bark. The design is laser engraved and it is protected with a water varnish.
    This Cat is named "Aish-Chat". He is aware and compassionate. He has the power to make your worries and suffering disappear with he's deep empathic glance.
    - Natural birch slice with bark
    - Water varnish
    -Interior use only
    - Cat's Mandalas collection.