Epoxy tensegrity lamp


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    LED tensegrity lamp, epoxy. This accent lamp is one of a kind, the base is made of urban gray stained wood, for a modern and masculine look. The bottom part supports the top part by a balance of tensions between the threads. The light part is made of epoxy with a recessed peach rose to reveal the feminine touch of this lamp which gives you soft accent lighting in the color that suits you, thanks to its multi-function, multi-function remote control system. -colors. Tip: Red is recommended for your nighttime escapades around the house.

    Tensegrity lamp, LED, epoxy. This ambiance lamp is one of a kind. The urban Greek base gives modern and masculine style. The upper part seems to be floating on the lower part of the base, holding only with the balance of tensions between the wires. The lighting part is made of epoxy, with a nice peach rose inside to show the feminine touch of it. This ambient lamp gives you a soft colored lighting you contol with the remote LED multi-function, multi-colors system. Tip: The red is recommended for tour nocturnal escapades trough the house.