Décor intérieur

Wood engraving / Wood Engraving. Design: "Pash-Cat"-Ragdoll


  • Details
    Unique creation engraved on a slice of natural birch with bark. It is then varnished to stand the test of time. A frame anchor on the back allows you to hang it securely on the wall.
    This cat: "Pash-Chat" is a proud and majestic Ragdoll. Under his solo appearance, he couldn't do without your hugs.
    - Materials: Natural birch, water-based varnished
    - Indoor use only
    - Collection: Cats Madalas

    This unique piece of art is laser engraved on a slice of natural birch with it's bark, coated with a non-toxic water varnish. A frame anchoring at the back makes it easy to safely hang on your wall. This will make a stunning effect in your interior design.
    About this cat: "Pash-Chat" is a unique Ragdoll cat, proud and majestic, but under his serious look, he is just hungry for your hugs.
    - Material: Natural Birch, water varnish
    - Interior use only
    - Cats Mandalas collection