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Oak presentation tray


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    Decorative serving tray in solid oak (top) and maple (legs). This tray is a chic and refined element in a modern, industrial, rustic, country or traditional decor. Perfect for displaying fresh fruit, serving a nice piece of meat from the BBQ or presenting a floral centerpiece. Its food grade natural wood oil finish gives you all the latitude to satisfy all your desires for tempting presentations.

    Dimensions: 30 cm long X 27.5 cm wide X 9.5 cm high

    Solid oak decorative plate (top is oak and legs are maple). This plate will look astonishing as well in a modern, industrial, rustic, farmhouse or classic vibe home. Perfect to display fresh fruits, serve a juicy steak from the BBQ or show a superb flower arrangement. Finished with a natural food grade oil, you have all the options on your plate!

    Dimensions: 12 inches wide X 10 3/4 inches wide X 9.5 high